Emotional Sense vs Financial Cents?



A Real Estate purchase can be one of the biggest financial decisions in one’s life, as well as one of the most emotional.

Is it really all about getting the best deal, or is it about getting the best deal for you and your family’s lifestyle and well being?

Sure, we all want to get that great real estate deal that will contribute to our investment portfolio.  However, it may make more sense to spend a little more money on that home purchase, if it meets all or most of your criteria.

Saving money is more important than ever, but maybe not as important as getting a home you really want in a location that is perfect for you with little or no remodel effort.

Are you really saving money by purchasing the least expensive home? 

Good questions to ask yourself might be:  How much is this remodel going to cost me?  Is a view and privacy important? How about a fenced level lot for your dogs? Garage wouldn’t be a bad idea in the winter or for storage. How about proximity to shopping and other conveniences? A neighborhood with good schools might be another consideration if you have children. How do you feel when you drive up  and enter the house?  Can you see yourself living there?

Yes, answers to these and other questions might mean spending more money for that house and not purchasing the lowest priced home on the market.

The current economy has created incredible opportunities for the Lake Tahoe Real Estate Buyer. You now have many reasonably priced choices. Lowest price per square foot might not always be the way to go!

When making your next purchase consider sense of well being along with dollars and cents.I am available to help you find the perfect place in the mountains for you and your family.

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